Hakansson 'Silco Log' Bandsaw Blades

Hakansson 'Wood' Bandsaw Blade

Hakansson 'Silco Log' bandsaw blades are made from the same premium quality carbon steel as Hakansson 'Silco' blades. They have heavy raker-set teeth and are suitable for free cutting of solid woods, dry and wet. They are available in welded bands.

Width Thickness Tooth Pitch Cut Width Part No.
1" (25mm) .042" (1.07mm) 19mm 2.18mm 317-1619
1.1/4" (31mm) .042" (1.07mm) 19mm 2.29mm 317-2019
1.1/4" (31mm) .042" (1.07mm) 22mm 2.29mm 317-2022
1.1/2" (38mm) .042" (1.07mm) 22mm 2.29mm 317-2422

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