Hakansson 'Wood' Bandsaw Blades

Hakansson 'Wood' Bandsaw Blade

Hakansson 'Wood' bandsaw blades are made from the same premium quality carbon steel as Hakansson 'Silco' blades. They have heavy alternate-set teeth and are suitable for free cutting of solid woods. They are available in welded bands or as 100ft coils.

Width Thickness Teeth Per Inch Part No.
1/4" (6mm) .025" (0.65mm) 4 317-0404
3/8" (10mm) .025" (0.65mm) 3 317-0603
1/2" (12mm) .025" (0.65mm) 3 317-0803
3/4" (19mm) .032" (0.8mm) 3 317-1203
1" (25mm) .035" (0.9mm) 3 317-1603

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