NLS Tools - Circular Cutters

Counter-Profile Cutter

NLS Tools manufactures and stocks a wide range of circular cutters for grooving, rebating, moulding and jointing. We also manufacture cutters to order.

Grooving & Rebating Cutters

A range of fixed and adjustable width cutters for grooving and rebating.

Moulding & Jointing Cutters

A variety of cutter blocks for mitring, bevelling, counter-profiling, glue-jointing, nosing etc.

Panel Raising Cutters

A range of cutters for production of raised panels for doors, furniture etc.

Safety Profile Cutter Blocks

An economical range of cutter blocks for profile moulding on spindles and other manually-fed machines. Taking industry standard 'Euro' knives and limiters, they are available with a wide selection of standard profiles.

Serrated Back Cutter Blocks

For profile moulding with serrated back knives. Available for mechanical feed on moulders or in a chip-limitation version for use on spindles and other manually-fed machines.

Cutter Block Spares

A range of replacement TC knives, screws and wedges for the above cutter blocks.

Special Manufacture

We are able to source most types of circular cutter to order. Please enquire for further details.