Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Router Cutter for CNC Machines
Down-Cut Type, Z2

Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Routing Cutter

Left Hand Spiral
Right Hand Cutting
2 Flute

For pattern, template and through-cutting.

Down-cut pushes chips below the work

Description Part No. List Price* Your Price*
3mm Diam x 13mm Cut x 6mm Shank 762-703 £18.55 £18.55
4mm Diam x 16mm Cut x 6mm Shank 762-704 £18.55 £18.55
5mm Diam x 19mm Cut x 6mm Shank 762-705 £18.55 £18.55
6mm Diam x 25mm Cut x 6mm Shank 762-706 £21.40 £21.40
8mm Diam x 25mm Cut x 8mm Shank 762-708 £49.60 £49.60
10mm Diam x 31mm Cut x 10mm Shank 762-710 £59.70 £59.70
12mm Diam x 31mm Cut x 12mm Shank 762-712 £68.25 £68.25

*All prices exclude carriage and VAT.