Special Profile Serrated Back Knives & Limiters

Special Profile Serrated Back Knives

For use in serrated back cutter blocks on moulders, tenoning machines etc. to produce profiles in all types of wood, chipboard, MDF and other composite materials, depending on tip material used.

The profile form reguired may be supplied as a wood sample, section drawing or computer DXF drawing.

Suitable for manual feed when used together with limiter knives in accordance with safety standard EN847-1.

Height Thickness Max. Depth of Profile* Type Part No.
50mm 8mm 20mm HSS 501-500
10mm 15mm TCT 511-515
10mm 20mm TCT+ 511-525
60mm 8mm 25mm HSS 501-600
8mm 30mm TCT+ 511-635
10mm 22mm TCT 511-625
10mm 30mm TCT+ 511-635
70mm 8mm 35mm HSS 511-700
10mm 30mm TCT 511-735
10mm 35mm TCT+ 511-740

*Other knife heights and thicknesses can be manufactured to order. Please enquire for further details.