Special Profile S.P. Knives & Limiters

Special Profile S.P. Knives & Limiters

Any special profile shapes can be quickly produced, limited only by the width of the knife and the maximum profile depth obtainable with a particular cutter block.

Each safety profile cutter block must be used with the appropriate width and thickness of knives and limiters.

Available in 3 qualities:

SP: Tool steel

For softwoods and short runs in other materials.

HSS: High speed steel

For solid woods and short runs in chipboard and MDF.

TCT: Tungsten carbide tipped

For long runs in all materials.

Dimensions Max. Depth of Profile* Type Part No.
40 x 4.0mm 12.5mm SP 535-001
HSS 505-001
TCT 515-001
Limiter 539-001
50 x 4.0mm 15mm SP 535-002
HSS 505-002
TCT 515-002
Limiter 539-002
50 x 5.5mm 22.5mm SP 535-003
HSS 505-003
TCT 515-003
Limiter 539-003
60 x 5.5mm 25mm SP 535-004
HSS 505-004
TCT 515-004
Limiter 539-004

*The maximum depth of profile quoted includes an allowance of 3mm for sharpening. Profile depths may be increased if required at the cost of sharpening life.