Re-Sharpening & Repair of Diamond Tipped Tooling

Please see our servicing overview page for details of our servicing procedure

Equipped with Lach and Vollmer erosion machines, NLS Tools is able to re-sharpen and repair the following types of polycrystalline diamond tipped tooling:

Grinding a PCD router cutter

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades

Most types can be re-sharpened, from 80mm to 600mm diameter. New PCD tips can be fitted to replace broken ones.

Router Cutters

All types can be sharpened, including sheared and multi-tip types. New PCD tips can be fitted as required.

Hogging & Trimming Cutters

Most types can be sharpened. New PCD tips can be fitted as required.


We can also sharpen many other types of PCD tipped tool. Please enquire if yours is not mentioned above.