Re-Sharpening & Repair of Plastics-Cutting Tooling

Please see our servicing overview page for details of our servicing procedure

Most wood-cutting tooling is also suitable for cutting plastics. Please see our wood-cutting sharpening services for tooling not shown on this page.

Generally, the cutting of plastics requires a very sharp edge to be ground on the tool. This improves both the quality of cut and the life between sharpens. For this reason, we often polish tooling for plastics with an extra-fine grinding wheel after normal sharpening.

NLS Tools is able to re-sharpen and repair the following types of plastics-cutting tooling:

Grinding a spiral flute router cutter

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades

All types can be re-sharpened, from 80mm to 1000mm diameter. New carbide tips can be fitted to replace broken ones.

Router Cutters

All router cutters can be sharpened. Please ask for your router cutters to be polished for plastics. New carbide tips can be fitted if needed. New bearings can be fitted if needed.

Spiral Flute Router Cutters

Solid carbide spiral flute router cutters are particularly suitable for cutting plastics as they have a very sharp edge and good resistance to wear. Most types can be sharpened, and roughing cutters can be flute ground.


We can also sharpen many other types of plastics-cutting tool. Please enquire if yours is not mentioned above.