Re-Sharpening & Repair of Wood-Cutting Tooling

Please see our servicing overview page for details of our servicing procedure

NLS Tools is able to re-sharpen and repair the following types of wood-cutting tooling:

Grinding a TCT saw blade

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades

All types can be re-sharpened, from 80mm to 1000mm diameter. New carbide tips can be fitted to replace broken ones.

Alloy Steel Circular Saw Blades

Alloy steel saw blades can be re-sharpened and set, up to 1000mm diameter.

Circular Moulding Cutters

Solid or brazed-tip moulding cutters can be re-sharpened, up to 300mm diameter. Brazed-tip types can be re-tipped with HSS, Stellite or Tungsten Carbide.

Thin Planing Knives

HSS and TCT thin planing knives of any length can be re-sharpened.

Cutterblock Knives

All types of knives for use in cutter blocks, straight or profiled, can be sharpened. These include: safety profile knives, Whitehill knives, serrated back knives, tungsten carbide knives, rebate irons and panel irons.


Most types of woodworking drill can be sharpened. These include: jobber drills, through-hole and dowel drills, boring bits, counterbores and countersinks.

Morticing Tools

Hollow square mortice chisels and augers can be sharpened, as well as chair mortice bits. Mortice chains can be sharpened and new links fitted if needed.

Router Cutters

All router cutters can be sharpened, including solid carbide spiral flute types. New carbide tips can be fitted if needed. New bearings can be fitted if needed.

Bandsaw Blades

Most constant pitch bandsaw blades can be re-sharpened at least once. Blades with alternate set can be re-set and sharpened several times.

Wide Bandsaw Blades

Wide bandsaw blades can be tensioned, set & sharpened. Any cracks can be welded and damaged blades can often be re-cut.

Tree Felling Tools

Chipper chains can be sharpened. Stump cutters can be sharpened.


Handsaws and tenon saws can be sharpened and set.


We can also sharpen many other types of wood-cutting tool. Please enquire if yours is not mentioned above.