Re-Sharpening & Repair of Metal-Cutting Tooling

Please see our servicing overview page for details of our servicing procedure

NLS Tools is able to re-sharpen and repair the following types of ferrous metal-cutting tooling. For resharpening of tooling for non-ferrous metals, see our aluminium-cutting tooling page:

Grinding a TCT saw blade

HSS Cut-Off Saw Blades

These are used on steel cut-off machines at a slower rpm than for TCT saw blades. For stainless steel, a stronger tooth form gives longer life than the standard one for mild steel. Please ask for your blade to be sharpened for stainless steel, if that is all you are cutting.

Bandsaw Blades

Most constant pitch bandsaw blades with a pitch of 4mm or greater (equivalent to 6 teeth per inch or less) can be re-sharpened at least once. Further sharpening will depend on the amount of set left on the blades.


We can also sharpen many other types of metal-cutting tool. Please enquire if yours is not mentioned above.